Hello, friend, fellow EWBer,  or anyone who was unfortunate enough to stumble across this site on their own accord… whoever you are, I would like to cordially welcome you to my blog! Or do you say ‘wordpress page’ ? Website? Idk…

This is a space that I will be using primarily to document my summer experience – I am a Junior Fellow with Engineers Without Borders Canada, and will be working at their National Headquarters in Toronto (or ‘the 6ix’ as my mom and other people who are way cooler than me call it). I’ll be working primarily for their Engineering Change Labs venture [http://ewb.ca/ideas/engineering-change-lab], hence the totally hilarious blog title (or do you say ‘wordpress page’ title?)

Anywhooo… I say primarily because I’ll also be using it as a place to reflect on my experiences, and to share any perceptions, opinions or insights I might come up with along the way (don’t get too excited…)

So in all honesty I have no idea how this wordpress blog page website will look come August, but I look forward to making internet traffic just a little bit more jammed over the next few months 🙂

Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts & opinions! Feel free to be as candid, immature and uncensored as I am (I insist).


Again, Welcome.





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